Dr. Dhiraj Vattem

Dr. Dhiraj Vattem, Assistant Professor, Nutrition & Foods.

Dr. Dhiraj A. Vattem is Professor of Nutrition Biomedicine and Biotechnology at Texas State University. His research program has focused on understanding the biological functionality of dietary bioactive compounds for therapeutic modulation of stress response signaling pathways important in several age-related pathologies specifically neurodegeneration and cognitive decline. His other research interests are in cell density mediated bacterial quorum signaling modulation by plant secondary metabolites to reduce bacterial virulence and pathogenicity. He also directs several interdisciplinary projects on international health exploring the role of dietary bioactive ingredients to supplement health care for infectious pathologies and co-morbidities in least developed countries (LDC).

Dr. Vattem received his PhD in Food Science from University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a focus in Food Biotechnology. He is a Biovison.nxt fellow of the American Association for Advancement of Science and the recipient of the Foundations of Excellence and Distinguished Educator Award. As a scientific advisor he provides scientific, technical and regulatory guidance to food and nutrition industries He is a professional member of Institute of Food Technologists and American Society for Nutrition.



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Phone: 512-245-7655
E-mail: dv11@txstate.edu
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