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FCS Past, Present, & Future

The School of Family and Consumer Sciences offers programs that prepare students for diverse professional roles. Undergraduate students can major in Family and Child Development, Fashion Merchandising, Interior Design, Nutrition and Foods, or Family Consumer Science (with or without a teaching certification). Graduate students may either pursue a Master of Science degree with a major in Family and Child Studies or enter the Dietetic Internship program.

Distinguished Alumni

These individuals represent, through their personal and professional accomplishments, the lasting value of the University.

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Take a look at what our students and professors are up to in the classroom, research and internships.

FCS Today In 2018- 2019 FCS had a total of 1,463 majors

419 in Nutrition, 350 in Fashion Merchandising, 347 in Human Development and Family Science, 271 in Interior Design, and 76 in Consumer Affairs
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