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Texas State University

HDFS Graduate Advisor and Program Co-coordinator

Dr. Christine Gray

Dr. Gray

Christine Gray is the graduate advisor and program co-coordinator of the Human Development and Family Sciences M.S. program and a Senior Lecturer in Human Development and Family Sciences at Texas State University. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University and her Master and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. Currently, Dr. Gray teachers two undergraduate courses, Family Diversity and Introduction to Family Relationships.

Dr. Gray's interests focus on the development of relationships over time. More specifically, the individual and dyadic factors associated with the development of trust in dating couples. In addition, her research interests are centered on exploring the role of relationship beliefs in the experience of cohabitation and marriage. In her community volunteer work, Dr. Gray works with engaged couples preparing for marriage and has given numerous talks for groups of moms and couples on how to have a successful marriage.

Contact Information

Office - FCS 113
Phone: 512-245-2904
Office Hours: