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Course Work

All students in the Masters Program in Human Nutrition at Texas State University take the following core courses (21 hours):

  • NUTR 5305 – Seminar in Nutrition and Disease
  • NUTR 5306 – Seminar in Nutrition in the Lifespan
  • NUTR 5350 – Research Methods
  • NUTR 5366 – Nutrient Metabolism I
  • NUTR 5367 – Nutrient Metabolism II
  • NUTR 5372 - Advances in Nutrition Policy and Ethics
  • NUTR 5364 - The Science of Nutrition and Exercise
Photo of three students
Students learn in a collaborative environment

Students must also choose between thesis and non-thesis tracks.

Thesis students complete 33 hours of coursework and conduct original scientific research under the direction of a graduate faculty member. Thesis students complete:

  • 21 hours of core courses
  • FCS 5311, Statistics and Data Analysis for Family and Consumer Sciences.
  • 1 Approved Elective
  • Thesis A
  • Thesis B
  • Comprehensive Exam with a passing grade

Non-thesis students complete 39 hours to graduate and take six elective courses in addition to the above core courses. Non-thesis students complete:

  • 21 hours of core courses
  • 6 Approved Electives
  • Comprehensive Exam with a passing grade


Course Overrides

Request course override by clicking here.

A course override is required for NUTR classes during the registrations period. Please fill out the above form and if you do not get a response after 24 hours please email Ms. Hernandez (

If you are requesting an override outside of the normal registration period, please email Ms. Hernandez to let her know that you have requested an override.

Independent Study

If you are wanting to take NUTR 5355: Adv Independent Study, please speak with the graduate faculty who you may study under, then fill out this form, and coordinate with the Graduate Advisor.

Degree Plans

For the thesis degree plan, click here

For the non-thesis degree plan, click here


For the combined MS/DI thesis and non-thesis degree planning, please click here