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Dr. Jie Zhu

Dr. Jie Zhu

Assistant Professor

Postdoctoral Research Associate: UNC Nutrition Research Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
PhD: The First Clinical Medical College, Wuhan University

B.S.: School of Medicine, Wuhan University

Phone: (512) 245-7655

Office: FCS 287J


Dr. Zhu is an Assistant Professor of Nutrition at Texas State University. Dr. Zhu earned his B.S. in Clinical Medicine from School of Medicine and Ph.D. in Internal Medicine with a focus on Gastroenterology and Nutrition from The First Clinical Medical College, Wuhan University. Thereafter, he was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship in Human Nutrition at UNC Nutrition Research Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Before joining in Texas State University, Dr. Zhu was a faculty member in the Department of Nutrition, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine.

Dr. Zhu’s research focuses on exploring how diet patterns/nutrients (especially one-carbon metabolism nutrients) and gene interactions affect human chronic diseases risk, and understanding inter-individual differences in nutrients metabolism through a systems biology approach which incorporates various assessments of biochemical, epidemiological, genetic, epigenetic, metabolomic and physiologic endpoints. The goal of this research work is to identify individual genetic factors contributing to diet-related disease risk, understanding inter-individual differences in nutrients metabolism, and exploring effective nutrition intervention programs, which will inform the development of personalized nutrients intake recommendations and ultimately promote human health as well as allow for more effective prevention and/or treatment of human chronic diseases.

Current Projects:

  • Exploring how gene-nutrients interaction in one-carbon metabolism prospectively modify incidence of chronic diseases (e.g., diabetes, cancers, and fatty liver disease) in different large cohorts.
  • Investigating dietary choline intake during pregnancy and choline-metabolizing genetic polymorphisms on risk of gestational diabetes mellitus and their impacts on offspring health.
  • Examining the molecular mechanisms underlying the above gene-nutrients interaction effects on progression of chronic diseases under one-carbon metabolism nutrients (such as choline, betaine) supplementation by conducting in vivo and in vitro studies.

Research Interests:

  • Gene-nutrients interaction and risk of chronic diseases
  • One-carbon metbolism nutrients, epigenetic alterations and metabolic function
  • Maternal and child nutrition

Join Our Team:

We welcome graduate and undergraduate students to assist with current projects. Please email Dr. Zhu to schedule a meeting to discuss volunteer opportunities (


Dr. Zhu is currently seeking opportunities to collaborate with others to understand the role of diet, genetic and metabolic individuality in nutrient metabolism in the development and application of personalized nutrition intervention for prevention and/or treatment of chronic diseases or diseases related to maternal and offspring health. Please email Dr. Zhu at or call 512 245-7655.


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Courses Currently Teaching:

  • NUTR 2360 Nutrition Science
  • NUTR 5366 Nutrient Metabolism I

Current Lab Members:

Kallie Lamkin

Lilly Roberts