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How To Become a Registered Dietitian

Students can earn a verification statement at the graduate level
  • The first step in becoming a Registered Dietitian (RD) is to earn a verification statement (VS) from an accredited program. A VS can currently be earned at the undergraduate or graduate level but soon, all RDs will be required to have Master’s degrees so you can earn your MS at the same time you earn your RD. This can be done in the Master’s Program in Human Nutrition at Texas State University.
  • A VS is a document indicating you have completed the course content required by ACEND. A list of courses needed for a VS and a video explaining this list are available.
  • Note that all the science courses you take for admission to our graduate program count towards your VS.
  • Once admitted to the Master’s Program in Human Nutrition at Texas State University, you will meet with the Didactic Program Director to determine the courses you need to complete your VS. Most of these courses can be taken at the graduate level, allowing you to earn your MS and VS at the same time.
  • Once you have completed your VS you are eligible to apply for any Dietetic Internship in the United States. Texas State University has its own Dietetic Internship. Our internship is an 11-month, unpaid, full-time internship .
  • Students that apply for admission to the MS for the priority and those currently enrolled in our Nutrition MS program qualify for the preselect application to the Dietetic Internship.
  • Upon completion of your Dietetic Internship, you must take and pass the CDR registration examination for dietitians to earn the RD credential.  Our program pass rate can be found here.