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Dr. Edna Alfaro

Dr. Edna C. Alfaro

     Edna C. Alfaro is an Assistant Professor of Family and Child Development in the School of Family and Consumer Sciences at Texas State University. She received her doctorate in Family and Human Development from Arizona State University, obtained a Master's in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology at St. Mary's University-San Antonio.

     Dr. Alfaro utilizes the ecological and academic resilience frameworks to better understand the processes by which environmental, cultural, and familial factors interact with one another and impact the academic outcomes of Latino high school and college students. Additionally, her work has focused on understanding how the processes associated with Latino students’ academic success differ based on the gender.  Her long-term research plan includes further investigating how school and family resources buffer the negative effects of poverty and discrimination on academic success both at the high school and undergraduate levels.

     In August of 2013, Dr. Alfaro was awarded a three-year grant as a part of the Greater Texas Foundation’s Faculty Fellows Program to support her work related to Mexican-origin students’ postsecondary success.

     Dr. Alfaro teaches Cultural Diversity of Families, Lifespan Development, Research Procedures in Family and Consumer Sciences, Research Design and Methodology, and Seminar Issues in Family and Child Development.

Contact Information

Office - FCS 112
Phone: 512-245-2412
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