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Student Organization Room Reservations

Student Organizations

Your student organization must be registered with the university before requesting a room reservation. Additionally, all student organizations are first required to contact the LBJ Student Center to request accommodations. If you have yet to fill out your request to reserve a meeting room at the LBJ Student Center you can find that link below. 

LBJ Student Center Room Reservation

If the LBJ Student Center is unable to accommodate your request, they will provide a written verification, known as the LBJ denial form. This form must be attached in order for the office to proceed with your request.

A new request and denial form, from the LBJ Student Center is required for each event. If you have already submitted your denial form to the FCS office, please state that in the comment box below.


If "Entire Semester", please select a preferred meeting day

Terms and Conditions

All reservations for events will not be confirmed until after the 12 class day in the Fall or Spring and after the 4th class day in Summer. Requests should be submitted at least one week prior to your event. Please allow the office 3 working days for processing from the date of your submission.

Please keep in mind that academic courses have priority. By submitting this request you understand that your assigned room(s) may be reassigned or cancelled in the event that the room is needed for an academic course.


I accept these terms and conditions and will comply with the FCS reservation policies and building use guidelines.