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Proficiency Review Information

Proficiency Review Information

Download: Proficiency Review Guidelines

Important Dates:


New requirement for this year: To participate you must sign up for ID 2000 using Catsweb. It is a zero credit hour course that does not cost money. 

1. November 15th 8am-Noon // Orientation & Workshop // FCS 179

2. November 10th 11:59pm // Last day to drop ID 2000 if you change your mind

3. December 13th 8am - 1pm // In-person Formal Proficiency Review

Best of luck to you all. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns about the submission process.


Mira Ahn, Associate Professor
Interior Design Program Coordinator

Required Proficiency Review

The Interior Design faculty conducts a portfolio review for all Interior Design majors at the end of the fall and spring semesters. Your minimum grade must be a "C" in all required ID and ART courses and an overall GPA of at least 2.25. You must also have completed or be currently enrolled in the following courses prior to the submission date for the review:

  • ID 1320 Design graphics I
  • ID 1321 Introduction to Design
  • ARTF 1320 Basic Drawing
  • ID 2321 History of Interiors
  • ID 2322 Basic Interior Design
  • ID 2323 Design Development
  • ARTC 2305 Visualization and Presentation Techniques
Proficiency review is a way to evaluate your design ability, your understanding of design philosophy, and knowledge of design concepts and processes based on work from the foundation essential design fundamentals and ensures that the most qualified students are prepared to move on to more advanced coursework and your first major design studio; ID 3322.
Proficiency Review Appeal information can be found here: Link