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Texas State University

School of Family and Consumer Sciences


Inspiring People and Strengthening Communities

Our Mission is to educate, inspire, and lead to optimize the human condition. We teach, mentor, and share discoveries and solutions to advance the field of FCS and prepare students for life.

Graduates of Texas State’s Nutrition, Human Development, Interior Design, Fashion Merchandising, and Consumer Affairs Programs become specialists working in hospitals, non-profits, schools, design firms, retailers, manufacturers, community and government agencies, and other diverse work environments.


Welcome from the Director of the School of Family & Consumer Science

Dr. Behnke

Dr. Andrew Behnke

I am so excited to welcome you to learn more about the School of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS)! Our school has so many diverse opportunities to prepare you for jobs that empower and benefit youth, families, and communities. That’s what we do, what we know, what we research, and it is what we teach.

Our innovative faculty members are making real-world impacts and we are here to prepare you to do the same. We strive to help you use your creative talents to work with communities in the realms of Nutrition, Human Development, Interior Design, Fashion Merchandising, and Consumer Affairs. 

We differ from other schools in that we put students first; recognizing we all can learn from one another’s experiences and use that knowledge to have a positive influence on the world. We, as a faculty, want to meet you and find out how we can help make your professional goals a reality. There are so many problems to solve in this world and we genuinely believe you are essential to discover the solutions and carry them out to truly a difference. Come talk to us. Our doors are open!


FCS NEWS The State's WIC program gets help from TXST

Nutrition professors are working with the state’s WIC program to develop a chatbot that would provide 24/7 communication capabilities for the program’s clients.